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Eagle Part Number: 104-1015-012

Toggle Off-On DPST

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Switch Contacts

Terms used to describe switch contacts:

  • Pole?- number of switch contact sets.
  • Throw?- number of conducting positions (only used for single and double)

Switch Contact Ratings

Switch contacts are rated with a maximum voltage and current, and there may be different ratings for AC and DC. The AC values are higher because the current falls to zero many times each second and an arc is less likely to form across the switch contacts.

For low voltage electronics projects the voltage rating will not matter, but you may need to check the current rating. The maximum current is less for inductive loads (coils and motors) because they cause more sparking at the contacts when switched off.


DPST = Double Pole, Single Throw

A pair of on-off switches which operate together (shown by the dotted line in the circuit symbol).

DPST switch symbol

A DPST switch is often used for mains electricity because it switches both the live and neutral connections.




Amperage Rating:10 Amp

Application: Eagle Dash Swtich

Connection:Quick Connect

Contact Configuration:DPST, 2-Position

Item:Toggle Switch


Number Of Poles:2

Standards:UL, cURus

Sub Brand:Micro Switch

Voltage Rating:277 Volt


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