1142 / BA15D Base 18 LED Bulb


1142 / BA15D Base, 18-5050 LEDs, 12 volts – .15 amps, 250 Lumens, 3200?K-Warm White or 5500?K-Day?White



This base bulb fits in your dual contact bayonet socket.?

These bulbs have the sleeve of the base conduct the negative and BOTH contact points on the bottom of the base conduct the positive.

    • Base: ?1142 / BA15D
    • LEDs: ?18-5050s
    • Volts: 12
    • Amps: 0.15
    • Lumens: ?250
    • Dimensions: 16mm in Diameter; 30mm Long (not including base)
    • Color:?3200?K-Warm White or 5500?K-Day?White

Choose your preferred color temperature from the “Choose an Option” drop down menu above.

The 18-5050 LED’s produce the same amount of light as your incandescent bulb you are replacing but will draw less than 8% of the power. . .Making your house batteries last longer.

To REALLY make your coach batteries last the longest, look through the rest of our site and replace ALL? your lights with the Cabin Bright LED Solution!

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