1157M Dual Contact Offset Pins NAV Bulb


Dual contact offset pin bulb fits in most Nav, Steaming, Anchor, and Masthead lights. 30-5730 LEDs provide 800+ Lumens – TWICE the Lumen output of the incandescent bulb you are replacing. 10-30 VDC will allow for large voltage fluctuations as well as perform perfectly in a 24-volt environment. At .125 amps or 1.5 watts, this bulb draws only 6% of the power of your existing incandescent bulb. Available in 3200K for Red/Green Nav Lights, 4100K for general use in most light fixtures, and 5500K for Anchor, Steaming, and Masthead lights. Red and Green bulbs available for faded nav light lenses.



This LED bulb is designed to replace the incandescent bulb in your dual contact offset pin navigation, anchor, steaming, and mast light fixtures.? Created from 30 high-brightness 5730 SMDs which generates more than 800 Lumens.

This is a representation of COLOR not BRIGHTNESS

3200K – Perfect for Nav lights because the warm white light output of this bulb does not overcome the green and red color of the lenses.

4100K – This neutral white bulb is good for steaming lights, nav lights (if you have thick red and green lenses), and anchor lights.

5500K – This day white bulb is perfect for bright stark white light output for superior visibility for steaming lights and anchor lights.

For some of us that have older nav fixtures, the red and green lenses may have faded over time. Our red and green LED bulbs are the answer.? They are just as bright as the white bulbs but enhance the colorless lenses of your nav light restoring to more than original brightness without buying a new fixture!

These RED and GREEN bulbs have the same dual contact base with the offset pins.



Typical Anchor Light Fixtures

The diagram below illustrates the way this bulb is designed. The sleeve with the offset pins do not conduct any electricity. Each contact on the bottom provides the + or – power to the bulb allowing your fixture socket to be wired without regard to polarity.



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