1958 GMC PD 4104 Motorhome


Motorcoaches, 1958, GMC, PD 4104, 35 ft, Motorhome, Manual Transmission,


Private Sale

Fully converted. Rooms include; Bedroom, bathroom with sink/toilet/shower, kitchen, dining room, living room, and driving station.

I, the owner, am willing to finance and carry the contract OAC. Payments can be as little as $100 per month making it very affordable for the right new owner.

You will draw attention to yourself when you are out in this true classic. It is a joy to drive. Often when stopping you will have someone wanting to look inside or talk with you about your bus because of the classic rig it is.

Solar panels on top feeding into the 12-volt house batteries with an inverter converting the power to 120 volts to power things inside when not connected to an electrical source. The solar panels along with the huge fresh and black water storage tanks make this ideal if you want to do some boondocking.

Interior heat is propane, or electric when plugged in. Combination propane/electric refrigerator/freezer. Gas 4 burner range and oven. Satellite dish on the roof, as well as a standard antenna; for watching TV.

The rooftop air conditioner keeps temperatures comfortable inside when the sun heats things up outside. Additionally, 2 rooftop fantastic vents to keep the air circulating helping keep things cool inside when not running the air conditioner.

Honda Generator to pull out of one of the storage bays and ran sitting outside alongside the bus when in use.
Lots of storage in the luggage bays. A towing hitch is installed on the back. An awning on the passenger side is nice for extending your living space to the outdoors when camping.

This bus is old school in that it has no power steering and it is a manual transmission that needs double-clutching when shifting up or down. I can teach you the skills needed for shifting if needed.

This bus is ideal for someone who is handy working with their hands and has some time and ability to do some interior remodeling work, especially if you have some basic household electrical skills. A perfect bus and opportunity for a couple who wants to travel as they work on the upgrades and they have a place to store it when they are not traveling.

The engine smokes, burns oil and is not known for speed going over mountain passes but these engines are known for their reliability, dependability, and ease to work on. For those reasons, they are still found on many ocean-going ships. The bus comes with a full set of manuals.

For about 10 years I lived in the RV, traveling throughout Washington and Oregon on business for 8 months of the year. I took it on vacations to Palm Springs several times. The prior owner took it to Arizona for half a year for 10 years in a row.

Things changed with my business and I parked the bus, storing it on a lot a friend owns. In 2016 I was rear-ended by a large truck and trailer on the freeway and my injuries kept me from driving the bus. I had hoped to get better and be able to drive the bus once again but at this time it does not look like that will happen.

It has been parked, sitting on that lot now for too many years. My friend is selling the property and the bus needs a new home. If not sold soon, I will have to move the bus and pay for storage. The longer I have to pay for storage the more money I will want when selling the bus so it is to your advantage to move fast on this.
I purchased a new battery and the bus started right up. I am having some mechanical work done on it now to get it ready for a new owner or to move it to a new location.

Sitting on the lot the interior of the bus deteriorated. It needs a good cleaning, some scraping-sanding, and painting. The kitchen vent on the roof leaked over the years and has caused the flooring material under the linoleum in the kitchen to rot. It will require the stove and cabinet get pulled out, new subflooring and flooring put in and the roof on the bus needs to be sealed around all the vents.

I live in Washington part time, in Southern California part time and will soon start living in the Philippines part time. I am motivated to sell to the right new owner.

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