41450 – Loctite Superbonder Instant Adhesive


41450 – Loctite Superbonder Instant Adhesive

41450 – Loctite Superbonder Instant Adhesive

Loctite Super Bonder Instant Adhesive (Cyanoacrylate)
1 oz?
Commonly Purchased with Loctite Tak Pak 7452 Accelerator Part # 18580

Transparent, colorless, ethyl-based instant adhesive which has a low viscosity. Suitable for plastics, rubbers and metals.
LOCTITE? 414 is a colorless to straw-colored, transparent, general purpose ethyl-based cyanoacrylate liquid instant adhesive. It is suitable for plastics, rubbers and metals. It has a fixture time of 2 -10 secs.
Your benefits

Cures very quickly when confined between two surfaces
Ideal for bonding small to medium-size parts
Excellent adhesion to most substrates
Suitable for plastics, rubbers and metals
Fixture time of 2 – 10 secs.
High viscosity?

Directions for use
Post Activation
1. Apply Loctite cyanoacrylate to the parts to be bonded or
2. Apply Activator (Part # 18580) over all exposed cyanoacrylate adhesive
by spray or drop. (Typically use one drop of activator per
drop of exposed adhesive).

Surface Activation
1. Apply one coating of Activator to the area to be bonded by
spray, brush or dipping. Contaminated surfaces may need
special cleaning or degreasing prior to activation to
remove any soluble contamination.
2. Allow LOCTITE?
7452? to fully evaporate from parts
prior to bonding to avoid solvent entrapment within the
bond joint.
3. Apply the Loctite cyanoacrylate (Part # 41450) product immediately after
drying or not more than 45- seconds thereafter.
4. Activator can be re-applied if necessary if there is a delay
of more than 45- seconds between original activator and
adhesive application.
Safety Data Sheet


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