8G27M – Gel-Tech Deep Cycle Marine Battery


12 Volt, Type: Gel, Group: 27

Amp Hours: 88, Reserve Capacity: 170, MCA / Cranking Amps: 700

Terminals: Post & Stud


This product ships ground only

Gel-Tech sealed gel batteries are completely maintenance free, tolerate a wide temperature range, can be operated in any position and withstand severe shock and vibration. Manufactured by the same company who makes Prevailer batteries, Gel-Tech sealed gel batteries offer superior performance.


  • Deep cycle battery
  • Can be stored for 24 months without recharging
  • Recover 100% from deep discharge
  • Provide exceptional starting power
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Allows for faster recharge
  • Eliminates vibration Damage
  • Four times longer life than traditional wet batteries
  • Spill proof
  • Leak proof
  • Warranty: 24 Month Free Replacement


Note: Specifications may be subject to change per the manufacturer.

Weight 1008 oz


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