M8912DFXH/1, Rosco Openview Replacement M8912DFX Convex Glass (Heated)



  • M8912DFXH/1
  • Rosco Openview Replacement Convex Heated Glass Only for the M8912FX (Fixed Glass) Mirror Head

SO# 00555320

The OpenView mirror series was developed for the bus customer who prefers a split mirror system.  The concept of a split mirror system was first popularized by Rosco in the 1980’s with the Dynamic Duo System.  More recently, Rosco introduced the DuoStyle mirror system on Thomas’ C-2 Safety Liner.  That mirror system incorporates the split mirror concept with the type of sleek aerodynamic housing common to other single-housing Rosco mirrors on the market, such as the EuroStyle and AccuStyle series.  The OpenView mirror series is the natural progression of this development.  It has the aerodynamic styling of the DuoStyle mirrors with the extra availability of motorization.  The standard configuration of the OpenView series utilizes an 8″ x 12″ flat mirror and an 8″ x 6″ convex mirror.   

Features and Benefits:

  • Separate housings for flat and convex mirrors allows forward viewing between mirrors for reduced blind spots
  • European styling for improved aesthetics over competing products
  • Aerodynamic profile reduces wind drag for improved fuel efficiency
  • Centered “behind the mirror” mounting structure reduces blind spots caused by mounting arms
  • Motorized 4-way adjustment (on most models)
  • Robust independent spine structure minimizes vibration
  • Easily removable mirror glass for quick and cost effective replacement
  • Modular construction for easy replacement of all components
  • 1 Year Warranty


Openview 8″ X 12″ Flat Mirror Motorized (Heated):  8912H

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror Motorized: 8912D

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror Motorized (Heated): 8912DH

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror Motorized Wired for International: 8912DI

Openview 8″ X 12″ Flat Mirror Motorized Wired for International (Heated): 8912IH 

Hand Adjustable:  

Openview 8″ X 12″ Flat Mirror Hand Adjustable: M8912

Openview 8″ X 12″ Flat Mirror Hand Adjustable (Heated): M8912H

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror Hand Adjustable: M8912D

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror Hand Adjustable (Heated): M8912DH

Openview 8″ X 12″ Convex Mirror with Fixed Glass (Heated): M8912DFXH

Openview 8″ X 12″ Flat Mirror with Fixed Glass (Heated): M8912FXH 

Replacement Parts: 

Openview Replacement 8912 Flat Glass: 8912/1

Openview Replacement 8912 Convex Glass: 8912D/1

Openview Replacement 8912 Flat Glass (Heated): 8912H/1

Openview Replacement 8912 Convex Glass (Heated): 8912DH/1

Openview 8912 Glass Carrier and Motor Assembly: 8912/4

Openview M8912 Glass Carrier and Hand Swivel Assembly: M8912/4

Openview Replacement M8912FX Flat Glass (Heated): M8912FXH/1

Openview Replacement M8912FX Flat Glass: M8912FX/1

Mirror Housing for 8912 & M8912: 8912/SHELL

Mounting Clamp & Screw Kit for 8912 & 8960 Mirrors: SCR7020


Weight: .95 lbs




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