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Phoenix Coach Vendor Product Submission Form

We understand not everyone understands the complexities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or how it affects their product listing on the internet. With that in mind we have designed this form to boil all of the information require to it’s easiest bits and bytes. Once submitted our team will work our magic and will strive to give your products the best possible chance for sales possible. Together we will offer the greatest experience to our customers.

Not Signed Up?

Interested in becoming a preferred vendor?

Vendors are a partner in many aspects. We work together to develop new products for our customers within their particular fields of interest.
By completing and be accepted into our Vendor Signup Form you gain these benefits:
  • Vendors have a website dashboard devoted to them and their products. This dashboard allows you to add merchandise you believe will sell well, be of added value to the market, draw more customers and display your high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Closely monitor costs using the Cost of Goods calculator.
  • Receive payment with various terms such as Paypal payment, Net 30 terms, Net 60 terms, depending on business needs and relationship.
  • Commission paid to vendors ranging from 50%-85%
  • Vendors are part of the price point decision making for each product.
  • Vendors can set sales dates and prices for their products.
  • Excluding parts suppliers, vendors have the potential of being listed as a Preferred Provider for their services to our customers.
  • Vendors have priority for service and parts usage in the coach production process. We believe in loyalty and the benefit of mutually beneficial business practices.
  • Control your own inventory since no one knows your production needs better than you.
  • Vendors provide fast response and shipping time for orders.
  • We work with vendors on our email campaigns to promote their products.
  • Vendors ship their products directly to our customers.
  • Items listed on Phoenix Coach websites are to be exclusively sold through the Phoenix Coach sales networks.
  • We do all of the marketing for the product and you simply fulfill the orders as they come in.
  • The vendor program is mutually beneficial since it reduces our overhead costs so we can focus more on marketing your product and product development.
  • You gain an active role in our business and can bring more of your products to the attention of our customers.
  • We believe in working closely with our vendors and developing your business as we develop our own.

Customer Privacy:

We do ask that all information to our clients remains private because of our client’s fame. Most importantly, other than that pertaining to the particular product or service ordered by the customer, no contact is made to these clients. Violations of this policy will be enforced strictly and promptly. Our client’s privacy is one of our highest priorities. Click to learn more about our privacy expectations.

Dashboard Access:

Once the Vendor Signup Application had been submitted and accepted you can use your login credentials to login into your personalized Phoenix Coach Parts LLC dashboard.

Legal Pages:

To learn more about our Terms and Conditions visit our Legal Page

To learn more about Phoenix Coach Global click here.

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