Vetpreneurs World Map

Vetpreneurs World Map

The American dream is many things to many people. To some, it might be owning a home or property, and to others, it might be an opportunity to amass wealth. One of the standard versions of the American dream is to own a business and be your own boss. We all want to get ahead, and owning a business can be the way to get there.

Not everyone is cut out for business ownership, though, and it can be quite challenging. It may or may not come as a surprise that veterans are twice as likely to start a business as those who haven’t served. Some veteran-owned businesses have become very successful, and there are certain aspects of having served in the military that has, quite simply, set our veterans up for success in the business world.

Veterans, themselves, make good business owners, and there are aspects of having served that help makes them so. Indeed, there are many values that military service instills and reinforces — along with some skills — that help give veterans an edge on this career path.

Honestly, veterans support each other, period. There’s a common bond of the shared experience of hardship and sacrifice. Especially when dealing with a smaller business, veterans know they can trust who they’re doing business with.

When dealing with larger businesses, veterans tend to lean toward companies that they know support the military and veterans. Corporations that sponsor USO shows or that give to veterans’ charities stay in the forefront of veterans’ minds when they make decisions about where they’re going to spend their money.

Loyalty is important to veterans and service members. They respect their peers who were loyal to the unit and the mission, and they respect businesses that show loyalty to the men and women who have served our country, and they return that loyalty with their business.

Phoenix Coach goes further than mere patronage to support other veterans in business. Phoenix Coach has created the Vetpreneurs World Map. If you’re looking for a veteran-owned and veteran-friendly business look for Vetpreneurs near you. If you are a Vetpreneur please submit your information below the map.

There are basic services provided by this map.

  • Links to your Vetpreneur company.
  • Listing the name of the business on the map, along with the type of business and the location.
  • Your contact information is displayed on the map.
  • Google maps compatibility for smartphones and tablets.
  • Google Maps turn by turn directions with the submission of your company address.

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