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With thousands of coaches, buses, skoolies and everything in between on the roads around this great big globe, we wanted to give you a place to find out just how many of us bus nuts there are out there. We also wanted to give you a resource for everything bus related out there. From service centers to museums and other bus point of interest, the Bus Nuts world wide map has you covered. You’ll find the submission form below the map to get your bus on the list. Fill out as much or as little info as you’d like, we’re happy either way!

Share Your Favorite Service Center

Do you have a service center that you go to for all of your needs? A place that you absolutely trust and feels does the best work on anything you need? Please help us share those great places with the Bus Nuts world.

Explore the Community

Want to learn more about conversions? Check out Bus Conversion Magazine!

Now celebrating over 25 years of publication, Bus Conversion Magazine continues to be the go-to resource for RV bus conversion enthusiasts (a.k.a. bus nuts). Each monthly issue contains detailed “how-to” articles on a wide range of bus conversion and updating projects.

Each issue has a cover/centerfold feature article showing off someone’s converted coach including floor plans, photos, unique features, and the people & story behind it.

There are also articles on the safe use and maintenance of buses as well as tips for buying, selling, and selecting a bus for converting into an RV motorhome. Plus travel features sharing information and photos of great recreational travel destinations that are motorcoach friendly.

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