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When you send us an email, we promise a member of our staff will actually open it and read it. It won't be filtered out and auto-responded with some form letter. We'll actually respond to your inquiry and do our best to get any questions answered. Our goal is to provide you with superior service before, during, and after any sale. So contact us, really, we're here. Oh, and we do the same thing on the phone, too... 🙂

Due to COVID, we have had limited interactions by phone and have been focused on staffing and production needs. It will be faster if you utilize the contact form below to allow communication over our many different locations.


Phoenix Coach is changing the way everyone thinks about and perceives motorcoaches. Changing the way people view the bus industry starts with delivering the highest standard of quality every single time we sell a coach.

It goes beyond just making and selling a great bus, though!

When someone purchases a coach from us they also become a product tester. Driving around spreading brand awareness and talking about our great service. They provide us with feedback, advice, and a myriad of other information.

If our customers can do all that for us, we should do all we can for them. No matter where you are in the coach buying process, a member of our team will take the time to discuss your requirements, options, and upgrades and answer any questions you may have.

Heck if you have a bus, want to talk bus stuff, and have no one else to talk to about it, there’s a link for you too. No matter how you choose to get in touch with us, bottom line is, we look forward to hearing from you!

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