How to determine
Hub-piloted VS Stud-piloted wheels

Hub-piloted Mounting System

-Wheel Centers on Hub-Pilots-


1. Hub-piloted wheels use 2-piece flange nuts.

Hub Pilot Stud Diagram

2. Non-Chamfered (non-beveled) bolt holes identify a hub-piloted wheel.

  • Elimination of bolt hole chamfer wear
  • Greater clamping force for a given torque
  • Reduction in nut wear and nut replacement
  • Elimination of left hand threaded hardware
  • More consistent nut torque retention
  • Elimination of inner cap nuts
Hub Pilot Diagram

Stud-piloted Mounting System

-Wheel Centers on Studs-


1. Stud-piloted wheels use nuts with ball seat.

Stud Pilot Lug Nut

2. Inner cap nuts are used to locate inner dual in dual wheel assembly.

Inner Stud Pilot Lug Nut

3. Chamfered (beveled) bolt holes identify a stud-piloted wheel.

  • The standard mounting system in the industry
  • Inner dual secured independently
  • Doesn’t require lubrication
Stud Pilot Diagram
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