FE200637-14, Sure-Lok 13″ Lap Belt Extension



  • FE200637-14
  • Wheelchair Equipment
  • Sure-Lok Lap Belt Extension
  • Only to be used with other Sure-Lok belts
  • With new style connector
  • Length: 13″
  • 1 Year Material or Workmanship Warranty

Old Part# FE200637

Wheelchair Q&A

1) What equipment should be in each securement station?
– 4 securement straps, lap and shoulder belts must be a part of each securement station.

2) What inspection criteria requires replacement of the entire strap or belt assembly?
– Any defects – such as damaged webbing, improper functioning of hardware. Broken or worn parts
must be replaced upon discovery.

3) What piece of equipment must be found in EVERY vehicle used for wheelchair transportation?
– a web cutter is mandatory for emergency evacuation.

4) A strap attachment should be looped around which parts of a wheelchair?
– It should be looped around the structural frame of the wheelchair.

5) Securement straps should be installed at approximately what angle from floor
to wheelchair?
– There should be a 45 degree angle from the floor tracks or plates to where they
attach to the wheelchair frame.

6) How far outside the front wheel of the wheelchair should a fitting end of the front
securement strap be installed into a tracking slot or floor plate?
– The fitting end should be at least 3″ outside the front wheel of the wheelchair.

7) Where should the fitting end of the rear securement strap be installed into a tracking
slot or floor plate?
– It should be installed just to the inside of the wheelchair’s rear wheels.

8) What equipment should be used when a structural member isn’t easily accessible?
– a Quick strap or webbing loop can be used when structural members aren’t accessible.

9) What is the best location for straps when they aren’t in use?
– Straps not in use should be properly stored and not left on the floor.

10) What’s the best way to clean strap and belt webbing?
– A solution of mild soap and water can be used.


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