T7500-000-000, SMI Driver Alert Sign (REV "B")




The 7500 Series Driver Alert Device is designed to provide dual safety messages to alert traffic when school buses are stopping or stopped. It also is effective at railroad crossings and when the vehicle is backing up.

  1. ?Caution? and ?Stopping?  alternately flash when the amber overhead lights are activated
  2. ?Stop? and ?Do Not Pass? alternately flash when the overhead red lights and stop and cross arm are deployed
  3. ?Caution? and ?Stopping? flash together when the hazard lights are activated at railroad crossings
  4. ?Caution? flashes when the Driver Alert is incorporated into the back up warning system
  • High Visibility LED Display
  • Proven to Reduce Pass-by?s
  • Reduces Rear-end Collisions
  • Improves Safety
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact/Scratch Resistant


  • Safety: Flashes ?Caution-Stopping? when amber lights are activated. Flashes ?Caution? when vehicles is backing up. Flashes ?Stop-Do Not Pass? with red lights and stop arm are deployed
  • Impact and Scratch Resistant: Rough roads, potholes, and day-to-day jarring are no match for the solid state electronics. Tested to SAE J845/575 standards
  • Extreme Temp: Certified operation between -30? and 130?
  • Bright Beam: LEDs provide superior driver notification day, or night
  • Maintenance Free: No moving parts
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Moisture: Water resistant design exceed SAE J845/575

Cross#’s: T7500-000-000, 00061482



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